short stories

The Pirate Captain’s Daughter

The pirate captain’s daughter had no name, although her mother’s land-born lovers, male and female, sometimes amused themselves thinking of names for her. Such strong hands, such a lithe frame, one might say, and suggest a name from an island known for its wrestlers. Another might admire the way her straight, dark hair was pulled back by pins with dragonflies on them, and name her after summer nights.

Because the idea of poetry pirates was too good to resist. Dedicated to Cassandra. Published in the first anniversary double issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies. A 2010 WSFA Small Press Award finalist.

In point of fact, there is no poetry in this story.  I thought about it, but it is a rule for me now that I don’t put poetry in stories, on the grounds that there is too much bad poetry out there already.  “Alas, Lirette” does, partly because I was in undergrad when I wrote it, and partly because I wrote it before I formulated that rule for myself.