short stories

The Chameleon’s Gloves

Rhehan hated museums, but their partner Liyeusse had done unmentionable things to the ship’s stardrive the last time the two of them had fled the authorities, and the repairs had drained their savings. Which was why Rhehan was on a station too close to the more civilized regions of the dustways, flirting with a jeweled woman and feigning interest in pre-Devolutionist art.

In spite of themselves, Rhehan was impressed by colonists who had carved pictures into the soles of worn-out space boots: so useless that it had to be art, not that they planned to say that to the woman.

A space adventure involving a heist gone wrong, a weapon of mass destruction, and weird space art. Just because. Appeared Cosmic Powers, ed. John Joseph Adams, in April 2017; forthcoming in The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year: Volume 12, ed. Jonathan Strahan.