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Machineries of Empire trilogy acquired by Solaris Books

My hexarchate books, now called the Machineries of Empire, have been acquired by Solaris Books [The Bookseller]. The first volume, Ninefox Gambit, is due out in June 2016.

Cover reveal and synopsis [SF Signal]. Cover art by Chris Moore.

The Fox’s Tower and Other Tales

My fairy tale/flash fiction collection The Fox’s Tower and Other Tales is now available in ebook format from the following places:
Barnes & Noble
Google Play


If you’d like a taste, most of the stories are (and will remain) freely available in the flashfic section of this site. However, there are four all-new stories and an introduction. If you’d like to show your support, please consider purchasing a copy or spreading the word!

Cover art by the talented Mariya Olshevska.


I now have a page up on Patreon. For those who haven’t heard of this before, it’s crowdfunding, but on a monthly basis for continuing support, rather than one-offs like most Kickstarters. In my case, I’m raising additional money for writing and other creative projects (music, art).

You can support at any level from $1 on up, and the site will charge you monthly. There are a few backer awards at various levels of support (two slots left for monthly writing critiques!), and I’m definitely open to hearing suggestions for other awards (you can reach me by email at

As a bonus, all patrons have patron-only sneak peeks at snippets of works in progress.

If you’d like to help out, please take a look, and thank you!

Latest short story

Foxfire, Foxfire

No; I wandered the Lantern District in search of a soldier. Soldiers were easy enough to find, but I wanted a nice strapping specimen. At the moment I was posing as a prostitute, the only part of this whole affair my mother would have approved of. Certain human professions were better-suited to foxes than others, she had liked to say. My mother had always been an old-fashioned fox.

“Baekdo,” she had said when I was young, “why can’t you be satisfied with chickens and mice? You think you’ll be able to stop with sweet bean cakes, but the next thing you know, it will be shrimp crackers and chocolate-dipped biscuits, and after that you’ll take off your beautiful fur to walk around in things with buttons and pockets and rubber soles. And then one of the humans will fall in love with you and discover your secret, and you’ll end up like your Great-Aunt Seonghwa, as a bunch of oracle bones in some shaman’s purse.”