short stories

The Territorialist

Jeris was feeding the gargoyles when the bone-map rattled. “Captain,” one of the guards said, “I think you ought to see this.”

Action fantasy, also known as the Manly Prose Experiment. (I’ll explain someday.) In a city named Spine, where magic is dangerously modular, the guards have to put down a rogue territory. Thanks to Sam Kabo Ashwell and the BRAWLers. Published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #47.

…four years later, it’s time for me to explain “Manly Prose Experiment.”  This started as a joke.  I wanted to write action fantasy in the vein of Simon R. Green, one of my favorite writers, but it’s more usual for me to drift off into endless paragraphs of spidery description.  So I swore to myself that I would blow things up every few paragraphs and, even more important, I would not pause for more than a minute between sentences.  I called this “Manly Prose,” although I have no idea if manly people write like this; you tell me.