short stories

Extracurricular Activities

When Shuos Jedao walked into his temporary quarters on Station Muru 5 and spotted the box, he assumed someone was attempting to assassinate him. It had happened before. Considering his first career, there was even a certain justice to it.

Space adventure and comedy about cultural misunderstandings, spy hijinks, and the tactical applications of industrial-grade lubricant. Takes place in the Machineries of Empire setting and features a younger Shuos Jedao, who previously appeared in “The Battle of Candle Arc.”

Dedicated to Sonya Taaffe.

Thank you to my beta readers and cheerleaders: Peter Berman, Joseph Betzwieser, Cyphomandra, the dragon [1], Yune Kyung Lee, Laura Shapiro, Sonya Taaffe, Telophase, Thistleingrey, and Storme Winfield.

[1] Nickname/handle of my daughter, whose real name we don’t use online. She is twelve years old and this is the first proofreading job she’s done for me! <3